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Vorräte und Bestellungen.

Die Entwicklung der Foils geht sehr schnell voran.
Fast jeden Tag gibt es etwas Neues oder Verbessertes.
Armstrong ist ein kleines, aber sehr innovatives Unternehmen.
Wir als Armstrongfoils Schweiz haben keine grossen Lagerbestände. So stellen wir sicher, dass wir dir immer die neuesten Produkte anbieten können und keine Altbestände verkaufen müssen.
Außerdem können wir dir vorher sagen, ob ein neues Modell kommt, damit deine neue Foil nicht alt ist:)
Wenn ein Produkt ausverkauft ist, frage uns bitte per E-Mail nach der Lieferzeit.
Die Foils werden auf Bestellung gefertigt, die Wartezeit beträgt ca. 3-4 Wochen. Wenn du in der Zwischenzeit ein Foil fahren möchtest, steht dir immer ein Testfoil zur Verfügung.

Als Armstrongfoils Schweiz bieten wir dir einen direkten Service und Know-how. Auch wenn es oft schwer fällt zu warten, zahlt sich das in direktem Service und Know-how aus, wenn später etwas passiert oder du ein Upgrade möchtest.

Neben dem Verkauf reparieren wir auch Foils und führen Qualitätskontrollen durch. 

Stand Januar 2021:

Ab 2019 ist die Sky High Gmbh Armstrongfoils Distributor für die Schweiz.
Wir liefern direkt an Verbraucher und Shops.
Wir haben den grössten Armstrongfoils Shop der Schweiz und sind fast täglich präsent.
Wenn du uns besuchen möchtest, dann schau doch mal hier vorbei.

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Robin van Baarle

  • Windsurfen seit 1978,(ehemaliger Jugendweltmeister 1992). 
  • Kitesurfen seit 2001, (2007 Speed World Gps Ranking nr 2). 
  • Gründer und Besitzer der Sky High Kite, Windsurf & Catamaran Schule von 2003-2010. 
  • Kite- und Windsurflehrer seit 1991/2002(Vdws, Iko & Knwv).
  • Schweizer Skilehrer, Ex- Snowboard rennfahrer
  • Alle Foil-Sportarten (Wing, Kite, Surf)
  • Test Surfer holländisches Kite Magazin
  • Gleitschirmpilot. 

Rider: Robin van Baarle

Armie Armstrong.

Without doubt Armie has a unique pedigree, being a beach born kiwi he has spent most of his life in and around the water. From sailing, kayaking, surfing, kite boarding, SUP-surfing, SUP-racing Armie has pushed himself to excel at all of these sports.

This underlying passion and love of H2O has seen Armie tackling some of the gnarliest white water that New Zealand has to offer, challenging himself in Hawaii foiling both the Pailolo and infamous Pailolo Channels. He was also the first to race a foil SUP downwind at the Gorge Paddle Challenge 2016.

The journey of designing and producing this totally new Foil System has been an intense, dedicated and often a windy road. 

When Armie first got hooked on the sensation of foiling he immediately became frustrated with his new gear he had purchased. This first top of the line kite foil setup broke after 3 sessions. While continually fixing and improving this equipment to stay on the water, an understanding of what is important to make a better, more reliable system started to grow. 

Designing above and beyond.

An Armstrong design is a no compromise design. Through better engineering, perfect material selection and meticulous manufacturing, each Armstrong product simply is the best money can buy.
Attention to detail in every aspect of the design means that an Armstrong product will last longer and perform better throughout its life.
Realising this was a complex and detailed design challenge, Armie enlisted talented and diverse design expertise from a wide range of highly respected individuals.  
Firstly his father - David Armstrong - a standout NZ architect for over half a century and lifelong global sailor and adventurer with a wealth of real world experience - helped turn initial concept sketches into working drawings with real consideration of materials and critical dimensions.
Importantly while making the prototypes, Armie spent considerable time working with legendary foil maker and boat builder Jim Moore (veteran from various Team New Zealand America's Cup wing building campaigns) who helped immeasurably with seasoned advice on all angles especially defining the construction details, material selections and layups, including the unique Quad-C-Beam core layup (resulting in an Ultra stiff mast)

Finally Rob Whittall - top Aerofoil designer - with a lifetime of tweaking foil sections for hang-gliders, para-gliders and kites, provided pivotal input on the most stable foil sections that we have specially created for this new generation of ultra stable Hydrofoil.


Product testing and evaluation.

Armie develops these products to satisfy his desire to be out on the water progressing and pushing his own skills while honing the ride of the foil or board he is creating. Connecting daily with the environment and feelings that he enjoys the most means that each product is rigorously tested and evaluated through each step of its development. The result is a designer/rider that can be critical of his own work enabling him to feel and understand the feedback to make that next breakthrough in design and performance.

Now with a long list of prototypes extensively tested, our product range is extremely stiff, durable and will stand the test of time.