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Wow! This foil is a joy to experience! (CF800)

Chris S
on Oct 15, 2019
I have been kite foiling for 4 years now, and the Armstrong CF800 wing is my all time favorite for kiting!

I am 170 lbs, and the 800 is my preferred setup for kiting. I used my 800 wing with my Armstrong 72cm mast, and found it worked well kiting in the ocean even with some small swell. I got a 72cm mast for surfing, but get the 85cm mast if you plan to mainly kite.

I love the feel of the 800 wing and how efficiently it can go upwind, even in light conditions. The control is knife like precision, and if you have ridden another foil you will immediately enjoy and notice the difference. It's super light and feels very responsive under your feet. No vibration at high speeds, which I have experienced in many cheaper foils.

The best thing about the Armstrong setup is that it has the best build quality of any foil product I have ever seen. When you put it together, you can appreciate the high quality materials and attention to every detail. This thing is built to last, and it fits together perfectly even after taking it apart a few times. Other foils I have had experience with will become hard to take apart over time without constant cleaning and grease. The Armstrong fuselage has a titanium core that is the best material to prevent salt corrosion over time. The kit is very easy to assemble and take apart as well.

The performance of this foil is amazing, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy the sport of foiling!

I'll take it! (CF800 / CF1200)

Jason Forrest
on May 28, 2019
My hair is still wet, sunscreen is on my face and I’m smiling from ear to ear with “Foil Face” after a session on the Armstrong CF 800 and CF 1200 Wings.
I’m an experienced kite surfer that spends a lot of time kiting and surfing on foil. This session was in perfect 15mph winds with a 9m Slingshot SST kite. The foils were paired with the Liquid Force Galaxy board. The 800 was paired with the 4’2” and the 1200 with the 4’8”
On both foils, my kite foiling progressed in under an hour! I’m blown away.
The 1200 had incredible lift with a very smooth takeoff, felt stable and in control at all speeds. I was able to pump it downwind straight at the kite and experience some really sweet moments of glide. This is a great go to kite and surf foil for all conditions.
The 800 is fast and performance oriented. It didn’t have the quick lift of the 1200 but once on foil the performance was incredible. I progressed with the fastest carving transitions I’ve ever been able to experience.
I didn’t want the session to end on either foil and look forward to future sessions on Armstrong Foils.

Ultra ripable! (CF800)

on May 27, 2019
Wow, this foil is no joke. After riding the Armstrong CF800 wing while kite foiling, I am pretty impressed with not only how it rides but the quality as well.

The 800 wing RIPS. I used this wing along with a 10m kite while in the ocean, then another day on a 9m kite in the waves as well. The 800 wing needs a bit of push to get up on foil, but once you're up, you are flying. All around free-ride is predictable and really nice. I also took it into some waves where I was able to shut the kite off and surf it. Its not quite a surf wing that will produce a ton of forward movement on its own, but with a kite it works great. I found when going upwind on this foil when you are fully powered, this thing is like a bullet. I was cruising the length of my town back and forth faster that I thought possible with a kite. Downwind on it is very stable and controlled, even when going mach 10. I'm really excited to use this for flatwater foiling too.

The quality of the foil is obvious. There is tons of attention to detail in manufacturing and hardware. The system of joining the wings/fuselage/mast together is very creatures and seems to be rock solid. These guys hit a home run. A+


I should have bought an Armstrong sooner!

Todd Romano on Oct 08, 2019
I am coming from an off-road truck racing background and Matt told me that the Armstrong’s were a superior product at the beginning of the summer. I was hesitant because I had my three Slingshot wings dialed. Over the past couple years I have gotten pretty good on the gear I have and didn’t want to go backwards.

I had ridden other foils, even carbon foils from top manufactures and never did I feel an improvement over my Slingshot set up.
Last week, I finally upgraded my foil to the 800/1200 Armstrong package. I rode the 1200 today with and 8M Ozone Reo in 25 knots. I was way over powered, but the foil was magical. You cant describe what is great about it, but I can tell you where is was significantly better.

1. You can be at Speed and have the wing, almost out of the water, and do to its torsional rigidity and wing shape you can put it back under the water and not have those High Speed Crashes
2. It can turn. I was in 3 -4 ft wind swell, and it carved bottom turns and top turns better than my surf board.
3. It glides and glides and glides. Down wind foiling is stable, fast and makes switching feet so much easier because it can stay on foil with little to no lift from the kite.
4. Foils are know for slicing through rough water, and this wing/mast is like a hot knife. I even cut a carp in 1/2 today and did not crash.

My only issue with this Armstrong Foil and Matt from Real, was that he did not convince me sooner. Sell everything and get one today.
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Perfect low end machine (CF1200)

Giorgos on Oct 03, 2019
Great construction, amazing low end while kitting, perfect for trying new tricks. Bonus points: perfect for catching some waves too!

So good I had to get one for myself.

Beginner Level Foiling (CF1200)

Craig on Sep 27, 2019
I learned to foil at REAL Watersports in the spring and summer 2019. My goal was to become adequate at foil surfing, so I chose to learn by kite power to maximize my time on the board and understand how the board and foil feels under foot. After a few months on the kite, I took my new foil skills and added them to my already 25 or so years of surfing and ocean knowledge. I rode the Armstrong 1200 foil kit based on recommendation from others using this set-up in the surf. As a beginner, I was worried that this high end foil setup was for more experienced and technical foilers. I was totally wrong. The 1200 foil kit felt very stable and user-friendly for my novice level of riding. I recommend this foil kit to any level foil surfer looking for some of the best, most durable equipment on the market.

Armstrong 1200 compared to my Lift 170

Manuel on Sep 05, 2019
I rode the Armstrong 1200 today for my first 2 hour session, and I’m very happy with the purchase!
The first thing is noticed is that it is really stable. I can stand up with less pressure on the front foot than the lift 170.
I tried a few turns and the foil respond amazing for my level! I also could pump it longer than I can pump the 170.

I can be more aggressive with this foil and I don’t pay the price of get out of control.
It’s really hard to explain but the foil “lift” is solid but at the same time it doesn’t try to came out of the water like crazy. This foil likes to fly but not in a hurry.

I would say that the lift 170 might a little faster in a straight line , but the 1200 is more stable, better for turns, and much easier to pump it.

Hands down, the best foil to date. (CF1200)

Michael Phaneuf on Aug 09, 2019
The Armstrong 1200 has everything you're looking for in a kite foil. It flies with ease and stability at slow speeds and high speeds. It's lightweight build makes it feel like you're riding a pillow of air yet allows it to maneuver with precision. The stability and build quality make the wing feel locked-in right away. You don't feel any turbulence with this thing. It's amazing.

I'd feel very comfortable giving this foil to a complete beginner and I can push my limits as an advanced foiler and know that it will hang with me.

Definitely don't want to ride any other foil but the Armstrong ever again. #spoiled

Best Foil Ever (CF1200)

Travis Tabeling on Jul 19, 2019

There are a lot of foils to choose from out there as I came to find out when I was looking for the perfect one for myself. I chose Armstrong not only because I had heard how awesome they were to ride but also because I am the type of person that likes to buy products that won't get destroyed by sitting in my garage. The anti-corrosion properties of this setup are second to none! Not having to use lithium grease on the fasteners also makes for a much cleaner experience. When you do break down this foil the screws feel like they have gotten tighter during your session due to the way the stainless sits in the titanium inserts. I like not having to worry if I don't have the time to break the foil down after every session. This maximizes your time on water for those "before work" or "lunch break" foil fixes.

Armstrong foils have the smoothest feeling while you are riding. The pitch on this foil is incredibly easy to control and it pumps back out with ease and finally allowed me to start connecting waves. Do yourself a favor and invest in something you will not have to replace due to corrosion or engineering for years to come!

The Gold Standard (CF1200)

Brian on Jun 25, 2019

The Armstrong 1200 is the Rolls Royce of foils. I feel like I am going to pass this thing on to my grand kids. The build quality, stability and glide is the best in the business.

What Matt said (CF1200)

RPW on Jun 24, 2019

Everything Matt says in his review of the Armstrong 1200 is spot on! Coming off the LF Impulse (S24) with a Cloud 9 80cm mast - I went with the 85cm mast option. Love it. Super smooth and good top end for this size foil. Very predicable launch / take off. Faster / Better turning. Quicker response and the weight savings saves my abs when jumping. I'm 200lbs. Nothing against the Impulse set up but this next level and handles waves / white water better.

Great high lift wing (CF1200)

Randall on May 27, 2019

Wow, this foil is no joke. After riding the Armstrong CF1200 wing while kite foiling, I am pretty impressed with not only how it rides but the quality as well.

I was kiting on flat water while using a 8m kite with winds around 20mph. This wing was ultra stable and got up on foil with very little power from the kite. I was actually impressed with how much lift this wing produced for its size, I didn't think it would have that much lift. I am looking forward to using this one again in ultra lite wind conditions when no one else is able to get on the water.

The quality of the foil is obvious. There is tons of attention to detail in manufacturing and hardware. A+

Cream of the crop (CF1200)

Graham on May 25, 2019

When looking at the construction and components on these foils, it is clear that a ton of thought went into making a product that will last practically forever, with zero concerns for corrosion or fizzing. That to me is worth the added cost alone: no need to take the foil to the bath post session to keep it in prime shape.

The ride also makes it worth the higher cost.

After selling my previous foil, I paddled out on the 1200 and was blown away with the experience. Super predictable and solid flight patterns are the norm. My riding will get a lot better thanks to these foils, there’s no doubt in my mind!

Crazy Stable (CF1200)

Matt Nuzzo on May 14, 2019

This foil is the most stable foil on the market. It is hard to understand until you surf one, but this foil is so stable it makes your foil board feel like it was made out of a different construction. There is no wobble or bump even when you ride through white water or turbulence from surface chop. All of that disappears and you just have a stable solid platform to foil surf.

The 1200 is a great all around foil for most people foil surfing. You can kite it if you want low speed lift and you might want to go to the 1600 if you are big or riding a heavier board like a SUP. I thought that the 1200 was going to have less lift than it does. It also has a lot of top speed to it too.

The construction and attention to detail is second to none. The quality and craftsmanship of this product is the best on the market. Stainless screws into titanium inserts and fuselage core means no corrosion ever. You can leave the foil together for as long as you want.


Works for prone foil too (CF1600)

Matt Nuzzo
on Feb 26, 2020
I have been really impressed with the Armstrong product. I have been predominantly surf foiling the 1200 and decided to take the 1600 out on some small days. This wing is a lot thicker and bigger than the 1200.

I was expecting the 1600 to buck me off the board but was presently surprised. At 170 lbs this wing in theory is too but for prone foil surfing but it totally works. First wave had a very general lift and I was on foil by the time I got to my feet. Most other big wings I have tried to surf just buck you right off. This had a smooth take off and really general glide.

Like all Armstrongs it is crazy stable and easy to ride. Pumping is super easy on this wing too.

Compared to the 1200, the 1600 is slower riding and not as fast rail to rail but all he user-friendliness is still there. You get on foil faster and stay on foil longer than the 1200 but you do lose some of the performance.

If you are a bigger rider, using a sup or want to foil in small surf the CF1600 is a great option.


Agreeing with Matt, this wing is like training wheels!

on Jul 08, 2019

I have been working on the basics of Wind wing Foil surfing for a few months now. I have tried a bunch of different foils and have gotten to the point of getting some sporadic rides, usually barely getting to my feet and holding on for dear life as I get a short ride, ending with slapping the water shortly after. After 2 session with the CF2400, it completely changed my game. I am now able to take off on most waves, cruise down the line confidently, pump through flat sections, and I even was able to get 5 or 6 pumps back out to the lineup! The glide on this foil is insane, it just keeps on going. This was super helpful to me because even if my placement on the wave was off, I was still cruising no problem. Even if I completely messed up one or two pumps, I could salvage it on the third.

I used this on a day with TINY waves. Seriously tiny. A day where longboarders get bored after 10 minutes and get out of the water. Meanwhile I was catching wave after wave having an absolute blast.

I was also really impressed with how it could still turn just as easily as other foils I have tried, even at how huge the wing is.

Getting the CF2400 as an intro to Surf Foiling is perfect, then you can also add on the 1200 wing for performance and for when you progress. Then having the CF2400 wing for down the road would be perfect for tiny tiny surf days, or for behind the boat.

Can't wait for my next small wave session on this wing!



on Feb 09, 2020
I recently test out the HS625 with the Uni rear wing while kiting, and had a killer time.

The HS625 wing is insane! I didn't think I would like it too much but I had a great time kiting on it. You definitely need speed to start before it will produce lift, but once it gets going you really take off. You can even slow down a little bit in transitions and it will still hold, but overall you do need to keep your speed up.
That can really make transitions fun though. You can really aggressively bank into a turn full speed and the thing will slingshot you through the turn. Here at REAL we have a wind meter a mile out into the sound, and I was racing out to the meter and back faster than on any other wing I've tried. Overall I was surprised that its actually still nice and stable and user friendly, even at the smaller size and higher speeds. If your looking for a high speed wing, this is the one.

Addicted to speed

Matt Nuzzo
on Jan 28, 2020
This foil is wild to ride and was significantly easier to ride than we expected. You need to have 14/15 Kmh of forward speed before the HS625 will get on foil. Once you get on to foil, you immediately accelerate to the high teens/low twenties for your cruising speed. At those speeds you feel in total control. The winglets offer a lot of stability so that your average kite foiler can really ride and appreciate this wing. When you put the hammer down and start edging harder, the 625 accelerates and will go faster than you want to go but is still in control. It is totally addicting. Turning and tacks are tricker because you need to carry more speed through the turns and be more aggressive with the kite.

The 232 tail wing was preferred on the 625 since you can really max out the speed. The 300 worked way better than expected and gives the more novice rider some added stability


Great to kite on (HS1050)

Randall on Feb 09, 2020

This wing is perfect for kiting on. I rode the CF1200 and HS1050 back to back. I consider the CF1200 to be the "stock" or go to wing for most people out there, especially someone beginner/intermediate looking to use the wing for kiting and surf foiling. The HS1050 is really nice to kite on as well. It tends to glide a little smoother and doesn't give you the little spikes in lift while passing through wind chop like the CF1200 will. It feels like it might be a touch faster than the CF1200 but not by a huge margine. Turns really nicely, glides through transitions really well, really user friendly. If I slowed down too much in a transition or the wind died out, the foil pumped really well and I could easily keep my speed up. Really looking forward to trying this wing out while kiting in the waves. It should be perfect for picking up the larger ocean rollers while kiting. This wing is going to be a popular one!!

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Great blend of high performance and easy to use ride with the 1050

Matt Nuzzo on Jan 28, 2020

There is no adjustment period going from the 1200 to the 1050 front wing. It basically feels like a baby version of the 1200. The thinner profile and narrower wing span means that it goes faster and turns rail to rail easier. If you are a lighter weight rider or want a higher performance foil than the 1200, then go for the 1050.

We had a similar experience swapping out the tail wings on the 1050 that we did with the 1200. Most less experienced kite foilers liked the stability of the 300, while the more advanced riders liked the speed and turning of the 232.


Winging it

on Oct 08, 2019

I’m a lightweight at 65kgand I’ve had three sessions on this wing so far. A quick dock start to test it, once prone foiling in small 1.8’ at 9 sec swell and another session winging it.

First go at the dock start and had my longest/furthest flight yet (comparing to the 1600)

The surf session was great and I was instantly able to ride it well without getting bucked. I was pumping long distances and double dipping with a lot less effort than the 1600. Turned very well, even with the long fuselage.

The wingding session was my third try and my most successful. Able to fly for around half a mile before the wind dropped too much. The 1550 was fast and very controlled. The 2’ chop was no problem and I even avoided over foiling a few times when I thought I was doomed.

Stoked on this wing and glad to have it in the quiver!


Matt Nuzzo
on Sep 06, 2019

You can look at my Insta and see that I totally love the Armstrong Foils. I have been using the 1200 since the spring and the assembly, quality, ride and performance is better than anything on the market. With the intro of the HS1550 loved my Armstrong even more. I already have the CF1200 complete kit so I could just get the new 1550 front wing and pop it on my existing fuselage and mast. I didn't need to change the tail wing or the shim either. I am 165 lbs and this is a pretty big wing, but I had no adjustment period. It takes off earlier and gets on foil in the same smooth predictable fashion that my 1200 does. Since the 1550 is bigger, it does come on foil with less forward speed than the 1200. Most importantly there is no buck of this wing. You don't get launched off it like other big wings that I have tried. Down the line the 1550 is fast. Not quite as fast as the 1200 but a lot faster than the CF1600. The turning is really crisp and responsive too. When you pump, you project and stay on foil for a while. I had to slow down my pump cadence to adapt to how long you glide for on this wing. Compared to the CF 1600, the HS 1550 is a lot higher performance while the CF1600 is just stupid easy and will correct all your mistakes as a beginner. Riding the HS 1550 behind a small or big boat wake is sick too. It snaps tight turns in the small pocket of a wake and rolls through the prop wash with ease. You get a lot of glide so you can ride the wake way back there too.


Great kite foil board (Armstrong 3'11)

Michael Phaneuf
on Aug 16, 2019

Really liked the stiffness, response, and mobility of the 3'11" Armstrong board. I rode this board with a 1200 wing in 8-12 Konts of  winds on a 12m CORE XLITE and was ripping. At my advanced skill level, the size was perfect and durable feel was refreshing compared to the Liquid Force Galaxy board.

My ideal kite foil set up: Armstrong 3'11" with 1200/800 wing and CORE XLITE.

Prone Review (Armstrong 4'5'5")

Graham Reed on Feb 17, 2020
I've had around 6 prone sessions on the 4'5'5" board. At 145 lbs, I was downsizing from a 37 Liter 4'10" board (different shaper) that I learned on. I've immediately noticed a great difference downsizing to this size. (I also had a 3' 11" that I sold due to low wave counts).

This board paddles amazing and I can catch just about anything, like waves that barely cap at all and I can catch it. I put that down to the bottom contours and the slight rocker in the board.

Once up, foot placement is easier to nail down compared to a longer board, where the room for error is larger. Pumping and turning are also better. The rail shape is also great for duck diving and handling the board.

Can't wait for a windy day to give it a go with my wing ding.

Just a general note with the Armstrong foils and this board. They are EASY to ride! I had a previous brand foil before that was prone to jackknifing and scary falls. I don't think I've had one fall like that since I made the switch to Armstrong. If things go wrong, you generally have time to bail away from the foil. Maybe it's just me getting better, but I think not.

The best board for kiting and surfing (Armstrong 4'5'5")

Giorgos on Oct 03, 2019

Had a great time using this board. Superlight, the deck feels great and its easy to paddle with. Matches perfectly the Armstrong foils and doesnt have the shakiness you get from other boards i ve used before. Definitely a must try.
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Fantastic kite foil board!(Armstrong 4'5'5")

Michael Phaneuf on Aug 09, 2019
I've had a few kite sessions on the Armstrong 4'5.5" and it's a great board. It is ultra lightweight so moving it around is easy.

The stiffness of the top sheet and double stringer make it so that all your movements on the board are immediately translated to the wing below. This creates a very trustworthy foiling experience within seconds.

The way the nose is shaped, if it touches down, it deflects the board back up on foil. This is better than other boards, where if the nose touches down, it creates too much friction and scoops the nose further down, stopping your foil. So even if you make a mistake on this Armstrong, the board is designed to get you back on foil ASAP.

The scalloped rails make it so I can rake the mast over super far and not hit the water with the rails. Although once in a while it shot some spray in my face, but this is a minor, nit-picky complaint.

And I REALLY liked their deck pads. They have a unique, ultra-thin pad with little triangles cut out and its very comfortable and grippy.

Overall, this thing is the best kite foil board I have ridden yet.

5’5 Armstrong Wing SUP Foilboard

Wow the 5’5 Armstrong Wing SUP Foilboard is NUTS!

Matt Nuzzo
on Jan 26, 2020
I am so stoked on this board. No surprise that Armstrong wing foil boards work killer. The 5’5 is a great light wind board for me to ride when there isn’t enough juice to ride my prone foilboard with the Wingy Thingy. The 80 L of volume allows me to start on my knees and then stand up once there is a little power in the wing.

This board is really light and balanced for the size. When you ride it on foil it feels a lot smaller than an 80 L board. Because of the weight of this board hops on to foil faster than others as well.

This board is more balanced when you are getting started compared to other foil SUPs that I have tried. When you are under powered and slogging this is super important so you don’t fall off.

The deck pads are killer too. There is the adjustable carbon tail patch that you can move so you have the kick ramp in the right spot. I thought this was pointless but I use it a lot. It is also great to move the tail patch when you are using straps. There are two small bumps along center line so you can feel where your front foot is with out looking down.

The concave nose and rails really deflects off the water well. When you touch down the board skims the surface and jumps back up.

Finally Armie went all out in the construction. The boxes are double reinforced and bonded to two carbon stringers that attach to the top of the board. This means all energy translates to the foil and makes this board really responsive. Also your boxes won’t break out.
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Use mast position 5 to 6

Matt Nuzzo
on Jan 26, 2020
This board rides best with the mast position in the 5 or 6 position. For lighter air the 6 spot worked best for me. This was farther forward than I expected. When it is in the 6 position I find myself moving my foot back behind the mast to really crank on the turns.