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FROM THE FIRST PROTOTYPES TO THE FINAL PRODUCTION MODEL, DEVELOPING THE A-WING HAS BEEN A TOTAL BLAST!Each step of the development process we were searching for the ideal balance between power and feel while reducing leading edge flex to a minimum.Powerful…
The A Wing is powerful! This is primarily because the aerofoil section has been carefully developed so meter for meter the A-Wing is one of the most powerful wings on the market.Solid…
The solid airframe of the A-Wing is the second ingredient to power and performance.Balanced…
We refined the A-Wing design to be well balanced in a wide range of conditions. It is strong in terms of construction and durability but as light as possible in design for that perfect balance.Construction...

  • The leading edge and strut have Aramid reinforced cloth on all high load and stress points.
  • Internal tape reinforces all seams on the leading edge and strut.
  • Double layer of Dacron and Aramid cloth reinforces the strut to leading edge connection.
  • High volume inflate and deflate valves make setup and pack down a breeze. The leading edge and the strut, inflate and deflate separately.


  • Leading edge and struts... Dimension Polyant Dacron (Germany)
  • Sail... Teijin T9669 D3 (Japan)


The A-Wing comes complete with Carry Bag, Wrist Leash, Repair kit, Manual and in three optimized sizes, 3.5m 4.5m and 5.5m. 

Please select the A-Wing size and pump option required.



Free up your arms with this epic high quality waist leach with quick release.
98 Chf

Power Link Control Bar

The best of both worlds!
Innovation and thoughtful design are at our heart, the new Powerlink Control Bar is another example of our dedication to the design ethos.

During the testing of the A-Wing, Armie developed the Powerlink Control Bar with the goal of increasing the handling and range of the A-Wing.
Linking the middle handles allows for easy hand transfers, enhanced wing control during transitions and for wave riding.
It improves light wind power, with both hands on the bar it sets the wing higher and further from body turbulence, which improves low-end grunt.
It also adds to upper-end wind range by allowing your rear hand to move forward for the optimal control position in powered conditions.

Although the Power Control Bar has been developed primarily for the A-Wing, as an added bonus it can also easily be fitted to many other brands wings.
98 Chf