Kite, Surf, Tow Board 4'5.5" (136cm) 33.5L


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Foil Kiten, Surf Foilen, Tow, Wake - dieses Board macht alles!
Für Mittelgewicht-Surfer kommt das Board mit deck grips (front pads and tail pads). 
Unser favorisiertes Kite Board!

Surf Kite Tow Board 4'55'' (136cm, 33.5 Ltr)

4'5.5". Ein fantastisches mittelgroßes Surf + Kite + Tow-Board, mit viel Auftrieb und sehr leicht zu manövrieren. 
Genau die gleiche Form wie das 3'11 mit unserem neuen Dreifach-Konkav-Boden für einen frühen Start. Es besitzt eine leichte Deckaussparung, mit mehr Volumen, dass du leichter auf das Foil kommst. Ein großer Allrounder, der Meister aller Foil Arten ist.
Wir fahren dieses Board ab 5 Knoten mit einem CF1200 Wing und einem Matten Kite ab 13m2!

Alle Boards  sind super robust gebaut. Der kompromisslose Designansatz von Armstrong kommt durch sein einzigartiges Dual Carbon Stringer System (DCSS) zum tragen, das für eine unvergleichliche Verbindung mit dem Foil sorgt. Deck und Seiten sind aus hochdichtem Schaumstoff, doppelt umwickelter Inegra und mit Carbon laminiert.

Der neue Dreifach-Konkav-Boden ermöglicht einen frühen Start. Die leichte Deckaussparung sorgt für ein super direktes Gefühl. Inklusive Pads und mehreren Fußschlaufeinsätzen.


  • Kite Foilen alle niveaus. Starkwind Board für Big Boys.
  • Wake Foilen, alle niveaus.
  • Surf Foilen,alle Wellen.

Weitere Accessoires für dieses Board, schau hier.
Board kommt ohne Boardbag, Schlaufen, oder leash.

Abmessungen: 136cm x 51cm x 7.2cm  33.5 Ltr
Gewicht: 3.2 kg


The Armstrong Surf Kite Tow boards hit the mark with three unique sizes that are awesome for multi-sport foil sessions.  These are built with the highest quality manufacturing just like the legendary Armstrong Foils. Tech Specs

  • Double carbon stringer for extra rigidity
  • Tracks for pedestal mount foils
  • High density foam, EPS blank with carbon and Integra wrap to make this boars stiff and solid
  • Deep concave chined rails
  • Heavy nose concave the goes into a triple concave for fast take off
  • Inserts for front and back straps
  • Front and back EVA deck pads included
  • Leash plug
  • Available accessories sold separately: Fitted foil compatible board bag, Mounting hardware, Footstraps, Adjustable Carbon Kick Tail.
  • Flat deck with subtle double concave under your feet for extra grip


  • 3’11":   120cm X 49cm X 7cm      25L,    2,8 Kg (Weight includes front and back EVA pad)
  • 4’5.5":  136cm X 51cm X 7.2cm   33.5L 3,2 Kg (Weight includes front and back EVA pad)
  • 4’11":    150cm X 53cm X 7.6cm   38L    3,5 Kg (Weight includes front and back EVA pad)

 What We Like

  • This board paddles bigger and rides smaller than the dims say on the board.  With all that bottom shape, the board takes off on waves really easily and comes unstuck from the water.  Once on foil, the board feels sporty and nimble.
  •  The quality fo these boards are top-notch.  When you pick it up, you can feel that the board is made well and is solid.
  •  The deck is mostly flat on these boards.  That gives you a lot of surface area on the board to move around on for tacks, jibes and more advance surf moves.  It gives you a nice stable platform to stand on.
  •  The inserts are a nice add so you can cross over to foot straps for some extra hard ripping.
  •  The tracks are set up in the right place so you can move the mast forward for a little extra lift surfing and back for a little less lift kiting and towing. You can also mount any type of pedestal mount foil on this board.
  •   The board comes with front and back EVA deck pads.  The front pad is left off so you can stick it on if you like pads or wax it if you don't like the front pad.  The tail pad has the two side parts stuck on and you can stick on the centerpiece with the kick tail where you want it.  You can also get the Adjustable Carbon Kick Tail which you screw into the inserts and you can move the kick tail depending on where you want it.
  •   Paired up with the Armstrong foil, this board and foil combo is crazy solid feeling.  Super stable and very user-friendly.
  •   The chined rails have a deep concave shape to make the rail thin. This thin rail is really easy to grab for duck diving and popping up.
  •   The crazy bottom shape of this board make it deflect off the water when you touch down the nose or rail at speed while kiteboarding. All other boards stick and you get launched. With the Armstrong, the board skips back off the water with no loss of speed or control.

Insider Info

  • Surf foiling these boards on the Armstrong 1200 they ride best in the #4 position.  For higher speeds you cane move it back to #3 position.
  • The sizes and volume have been really well thought out to hit a wide range of riders and conditions from the super responsive 3'11 to super easy to ride 4'11.

Why you want the Armstrong Surf Kite Tow board

These boards are bomber strong and built with a lot of high tech features in a very easy to ride package.  Pick a size for your weight and main sport you are doing and you will love the performance.


From Armstrong

All boards are built tough, with the Armstrong no compromise design approach - featuring a unique Dual Carbon Stringer System (DCSS) for unparalleled connection to the foil. Deck and rails incorporate high-density foam sandwiched with double rail wrapped Inegra and Carbon completing the ultra solid ride.

These boards simply fly, with our new tripple concave bottom shape for early takeoff, and slight deck recess for that super connected feel.

Includes deckgrip and multiple footstrap inserts - Built to rip for riders of all sizes in waves of all sizes!

Tech Specs

  • 4’5.5":  136cm X 51cm X 7.2cm   33.5L 3,2 Kg 

Package Includes

  • Board
  • Mounting Hardware Sold Separately


 Based on 4 reviews

Prone Review

Graham Reed
on Feb 17, 2020
I've had around 6 prone sessions on the 4'5'5" board. At 145 lbs, I was downsizing from a 37 Liter 4'10" board (different shaper) that I learned on. I've immediately noticed a great difference downsizing to this size. (I also had a 3' 11" that I sold due to low wave counts).

This board paddles amazing and I can catch just about anything, like waves that barely cap at all and I can catch it. I put that down to the bottom contours and the slight rocker in the board.

Once up, foot placement is easier to nail down compared to a longer board, where the room for error is larger. Pumping and turning are also better. The rail shape is also great for duck diving and handling the board.

Can't wait for a windy day to give it a go with my wing ding.

Just a general note with the Armstrong foils and this board. They are EASY to ride! I had a previous brand foil before that was prone to jackknifing and scary falls. I don't think I've had one fall like that since I made the switch to Armstrong. If things go wrong, you generally have time to bail away from the foil. Maybe it's just me getting better, but I think not.

The best board for kiting and surfing

on Oct 03, 2019
Had a great time using this board. Superlight, the deck feels great and its easy to paddle with. Matches perfectly the Armstrong foils and doesnt have the shakiness you get from other boards i ve used before. Definitely a must try.
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Fantastic kite foil board!

Michael Phaneuf
on Aug 09, 2019
I've had a few kite sessions on the Armstrong 4'5.5" and it's a great board. It is ultra lightweight so moving it around is easy.

The stiffness of the top sheet and double stringer make it so that all your movements on the board are immediately translated to the wing below. This creates a very trustworthy foiling experience within seconds.

The way the nose is shaped, if it touches down, it deflects the board back up on foil. This is better than other boards, where if the nose touches down, it creates too much friction and scoops the nose further down, stopping your foil. So even if you make a mistake on this Armstrong, the board is designed to get you back on foil ASAP.

The scalloped rails make it so I can rake the mast over super far and not hit the water with the rails. Although once in a while it shot some spray in my face, but this is a minor, nit-picky complaint.

And I REALLY liked their deck pads. They have a unique, ultra-thin pad with little triangles cut out and its very comfortable and grippy.

Overall, this thing is the best kite foil board I have ridden yet.