Wing Foil Board 5'5 (165cm) 80Ltr


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Surf, Wing Foil, Tow, Wake. Leichtere Surfer und Ripper - inklusive leichtgewichtige deck grips (front pads and tail pads)

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Wing Foil Sup 5'5 (165cm 80Ltr)

Alle Boards sind super robust gebaut. Der kompromisslose Designansatz von Armstrong kommt durch sein einzigartiges Dual Carbon Stringer System (DCSS) zum tragen, das für eine unvergleichliche Verbindung mit dem Foil sorgt. Deck und Seiten sind aus hochdichtem Schaumstoff, doppelt umwickelter Inegra und mit Carbon laminiert.

Der neue Dreifach-Konkav-Boden ermöglicht einen frühen Start. Die leichte Deckaussparung sorgt für ein super direktes Gefühl. Inklusive Pads und mehreren Fußschlaufeinsätzen.


  • Wing Foilen, mittleres Niveau oder leichte Fahrer bis 65 Kg. Starkwind Board für Big Boys.
  • Wake Foilen, Mittelschwere Personen
  • Sup - Surf Foilen, alle Wellen.

Weitere Accessoires für dieses Board, schau hier.

Abmessungen: 165cm x 68cm x 11cm  80 Ltr


Based on 2 reviews

Wow the 5’5 Armstrong Wing SUP Foilboard is NUTS!

Matt Nuzzo
on Jan 26, 2020
I am so stoked on this board. No surprise that Armstrong wing foil boards work killer. The 5’5 is a great light wind board for me to ride when there isn’t enough juice to ride my prone foilboard with the Wingy Thingy. The 80 L of volume allows me to start on my knees and then stand up once there is a little power in the wing.

This board is really light and balanced for the size. When you ride it on foil it feels a lot smaller than an 80 L board. Because of the weight of this board hops on to foil faster than others as well.

This board is more balanced when you are getting started compared to other foil SUPs that I have tried. When you are under powered and slogging this is super important so you don’t fall off.

The deck pads are killer too. There is the adjustable carbon tail patch that you can move so you have the kick ramp in the right spot. I thought this was pointless but I use it a lot. It is also great to move the tail patch when you are using straps. There are two small bumps along center line so you can feel where your front foot is with out looking down.

The concave nose and rails really deflects off the water well. When you touch down the board skims the surface and jumps back up.

Finally Armie went all out in the construction. The boxes are double reinforced and bonded to two carbon stringers that attach to the top of the board. This means all energy translates to the foil and makes this board really responsive. Also your boxes won’t break out.
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Use mast position 5 to 6

Matt Nuzzo
on Jan 26, 2020
This board rides best with the mast position in the 5 or 6 position. For lighter air the 6 spot worked best for me. This was farther forward than I expected. When it is in the 6 position I find myself moving my foot back behind the mast to really crank on the turns.