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Carving Freeride 1200 Foil Set.  A+ 

(Wings, Mast und jegliches Zubehör, kein Board)

Unser neues A+System bringt Kraft und Haltbarkeit in die Zukunft! Siehe diesen Link für alle Details.

Das CF1200 Foil Set ist die "Do it all"-Kombination für Allround-Foil-Riding, erstaunlicher Einsatzbereich für Dein Kite-, SUP- oder Windsurf-Abenteuer.

Kite Foilen: Leicht- bis Starkwind.(Wechsel den Auftrieb mit dem optimalen Shin)

SUP: Leichtere Fahrer oder größere Wellen.

Wake: Vielseitiges Schleppen und Wake-Foiling.

Windsurfen: Alle Fahrer bei mäßigem Wind.


CF1200 A+ System ab April 2021 (New Version!)

CF1200 Wing, V2cf300 tail, , TC60 (23.5”) Fuselage, PP Shims

Set Preis (alles A+ System)

  • mit 45 cm Mast: 1849.- Chf
  • mit 60 cm Mast: 1949.- Chf
  • mit 72 cm Mast: 2049.- Chf
  • mit 85 cm Mast: 2149.- Chf
  • mit 85 cm Tuttle Mast: 2149.-
  • mit 100cm Mast: 2199.- Chf

Abmessungen des Foils 

Tragflächenbereich: 1200cm2 

Spannweite der Tragfläche: 675 mm 

Gewicht: 995g 

Inhalt beim Set:

Tail Trim fairing(shim): 0 Degrees & +1
4 Titan-Muttern + 4 bidirektionale Titan-Unterlegscheiben + Masttop-Schraubensatz + Foilschraubensatz + Torx-Werkzeug + Schutzmast- und Foilabdeckungen + Tragetasche.

Andere Fuselage, oder Rearwing, einfach Fragen!

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The Armstrong CF1200 Complete Foil Kit is the go to surf foil in the range. This foil is blowing minds on waist to overhead high surf. It is so stable that there is no adjustment period and you become a better foiler in your first session. This also can double as a great light wind kite foil.Armie Armstrong got fed up with all of the foils he was buying breaking, seizing together and not working like he wanted them to, so he put together an all star team and Armstrong Foils were born. These are top quality foils with unique performance characteristics that make the foils really easy to learn with yet all the top pros are frothing to get their hands on them.Armstrong 1200 Complete Foil Weight: 7.3Lbs or 3.31Kg Tech Specs

  • 12 Month Manufacture Warranty on all parts
  • High end carbon construction with amazing quality control
  • Modular "Future-Proof" design makes it pack up easily and ensures that your foil will still work when new parts come out
  • Fuselage has a titanium rod as the core with 5mm carbon wrap
  • Wing construction is high-density foam core which is encapsulated in Aramid cloth before being wrapped with 100% High Modulus Carbon
  • Mast construction starts with multi-piece hardwood core, "secret" carbon lay up base layers, Aramid layers for strength and then 100% carbon cloth wrap.

What's Included

  • CF1200 Front Wing
  • Uni Tail Wing
  • 72cm Pedestal Mast
  • TC60 Fuselage 60cm
  • Titanium 0 degree rear wing shim
  • Titanium board mounting T-Nut and screws
  • Stainless hardware with spares
  • T30 torque driver
  • Padded wing and mast covers
  • Padded carrying case

 What We Like

  •  Armstrong took the extra time and money to make a really top quality product. Their quality control is amazing and you can see it when you hold one of these foils in person.
  •  This is the most stable foil on the market. You can't understand it until you have ridded a bunch of foils and have them vibrate like made through white water, prop wash or surface chop. Then you get on the Armstrong and you don't feel anything but the foil effortlessly gliding under your feet. This is a huge benefit for beginners that will allow you to have a more stable platform.
  •  There is no learning curve. You get better as soon as you start riding this foil.
  •  The mast has a tapered design so that it is wide and super stiff at the top and narrower with some flex at the bottom. This allows it to absorb vibrations and it helps you get shorter radius turns.
  •  Armstrong pulled in experts from the Team New Zealand America's Cup foil design team as well as Robbie Wittall from Ozone kites to work on the foil designs and create their proprietary carbon lay ups.
  •  All the hardware is high end stainless steel and these screws turn into titanium. This means that there will be no corrosion ever. You can leave it together for as long as you want and it won't corrode. Also the stainless going into titanium has a little more bite so the screws won't wiggle loose.
  •  The wing covers and travel case are so simple and well thought out. They are super functional and simple.

 What We Don't Like

  •  These foils are expensive. You get what you pay for and it is worth spending up to get an Armstrong.
  •  There are two different size tail wing screws that differ by 2mm. The diagram on the instruction sheet in the case very clearly shows this but some have been thrown off so double check the screw length.

 Why You Want an Armstrong Foil

The 1200 has a huge buzz around it. Everyone the surf foil market agrees that this is an amazing surf foil. No matter your ability level, you can appreciate the Armstrong Foils. They learned what fails on all other foils and have taken the time to address these issues with precision quality.


From Armstrong

The CF1200 Foil Kit is the do it all combination for all round foil riding, amazing range in the surf, easy with a kite, SUP or Windsurf.
Tech Specs:

  • Surf: Ideal surf wing for ripping up waves.
  • Kiteboarding: Light wind riding.
  • SUP: Lighter riders or bigger surf.
  • Wake: Versatile towing and wake foiling.
  • Windsurf: All riders in moderate winds.
  • Front Wing area: 1200cm2 (186in2)
  • Front Wing span: 675mm

Package Includes

CF1200 Front Wing|Uni Tail Wing|TC60 Fuselage 60cm/23.5"|Drive Mast 72cm / 28.5”|Tail Trim Fairing +1 degree|Mast Coaver|Wing Covers|Carry Case|Solid Titanium Assembly Hardware|Solid Titanium T Nuts


 Based on 12 reviews

I should have bought an Armstrong sooner

Todd Romano
on Oct 08, 2019
I am coming from an off-road truck racing background and Matt told me that the Armstrong’s were a superior product at the beginning of the summer. I was hesitant because I had my three Slingshot wings dialed. Over the past couple years I have gotten pretty good on the gear I have and didn’t want to go backwards.

I had ridden other foils, even carbon foils from top manufactures and never did I feel an improvement over my Slingshot set up.
Last week, I finally upgraded my foil to the 800/1200 Armstrong package. I rode the 1200 today with and 8M Ozone Reo in 25 knots. I was way over powered, but the foil was magical. You cant describe what is great about it, but I can tell you where is was significantly better.

1. You can be at Speed and have the wing, almost out of the water, and do to its torsional rigidity and wing shape you can put it back under the water and not have those High Speed Crashes
2. It can turn. I was in 3 -4 ft wind swell, and it carved bottom turns and top turns better than my surf board.
3. It glides and glides and glides. Down wind foiling is stable, fast and makes switching feet so much easier because it can stay on foil with little to no lift from the kite.
4. Foils are know for slicing through rough water, and this wing/mast is like a hot knife. I even cut a carp in 1/2 today and did not crash.

My only issue with this Armstrong Foil and Matt from Real, was that he did not convince me sooner. Sell everything and get one today.
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Perfect low end machine

on Oct 03, 2019
Great construction, amazing low end while kitting, perfect for trying new tricks. Bonus points: perfect for catching some waves too!

So good I had to get one for myself.
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Beginner Level Foiling

on Sep 27, 2019
I learned to foil at REAL Watersports in the spring and summer 2019. My goal was to become adequate at foil surfing, so I chose to learn by kite power to maximize my time on the board and understand how the board and foil feels under foot. After a few months on the kite, I took my new foil skills and added them to my already 25 or so years of surfing and ocean knowledge. I rode the Armstrong 1200 foil kit based on recommendation from others using this set-up in the surf. As a beginner, I was worried that this high end foil setup was for more experienced and technical foilers. I was totally wrong. The 1200 foil kit felt very stable and user-friendly for my novice level of riding. I recommend this foil kit to any level foil surfer looking for some of the best, most durable equipment on the market.
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Armstrong 1200 compared to my Lift 170

on Sep 05, 2019
I rode the Armstrong 1200 today for my first 2 hour session, and I’m very happy with the purchase!

The first thing is noticed is that it is really stable. I can stand up with less pressure on the front foot than the lift 170.
I tried a few turns and the foil respond amazing for my level! I also could pump it longer than I can pump the 170.

I can be more aggressive with this foil and I don’t pay the price of get out of control.
It’s really hard to explain but the foil “lift” is solid but at the same time it doesn’t try to came out of the water like crazy. This foil likes to fly but not in a hurry.

I would say that the lift 170 might a little faster in a straight line , but the 1200 is more stable, better for turns, and much easier to pump it.
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Hands down, the best foil to date.

Michael Phaneuf
on Aug 09, 2019
The Armstrong 1200 has everything you're looking for in a kite foil. It flies with ease and stability at slow speeds and high speeds. It's lightweight build makes it feel like you're riding a pillow of air yet allows it to maneuver with precision. The stability and build quality make the wing feel locked-in right away. You don't feel any turbulence with this thing. It's amazing.

I'd feel very comfortable giving this foil to a complete beginner and I can push my limits as an advanced foiler and know that it will hang with me.

Definitely don't want to ride any other foil but the Armstrong ever again. #spoiled

Best Foil Ever

Travis Tabeling
on Jul 19, 2019

There are a lot of foils to choose from out there as I came to find out when I was looking for the perfect one for myself. I chose Armstrong not only because I had heard how awesome they were to ride but also because I am the type of person that likes to buy products that won't get destroyed by sitting in my garage. The anti-corrosion properties of this setup are second to none! Not having to use lithium grease on the fasteners also makes for a much cleaner experience. When you do break down this foil the screws feel like they have gotten tighter during your session due to the way the stainless sits in the titanium inserts. I like not having to worry if I don't have the time to break the foil down after every session. This maximizes your time on water for those "before work" or "lunch break" foil fixes.

Armstrong foils have the smoothest feeling while you are riding. The pitch on this foil is incredibly easy to control and it pumps back out with ease and finally allowed me to start connecting waves. Do yourself a favor and invest in something you will not have to replace due to corrosion or engineering for years to come!

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The Gold Standard

on Jun 25, 2019

The Armstrong 1200 is the Rolls Royce of foils. I feel like I am going to pass this thing on to my grand kids. The build quality, stability and glide is the best in the business.

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What Matt said

on Jun 24, 2019

Everything Matt says in his review of the Armstrong 1200 is spot on! Coming off the LF Impulse (S24) with a Cloud 9 80cm mast - I went with the 85cm mast option. Love it. Super smooth and good top end for this size foil. Very predicable launch / take off. Faster / Better turning. Quicker response and the weight savings saves my abs when jumping. I'm 200lbs. Nothing against the Impulse set up but this next level and handles waves / white water better.

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I'll take it!

Jason Forrest
on May 28, 2019

My hair is still wet, sunscreen is on my face and I’m smiling from ear to ear with “Foil Face” after a session on the Armstrong CF 800 and CF 1200 Wings.
I’m an experienced kite surfer that spends a lot of time kiting and surfing on foil. This session was in perfect 15mph winds with a 9m Slingshot SST kite. The foils were paired with the Liquid Force Galaxy board. The 800 was paired with the 4’2” and the 1200 with the 4’8”
On both foils, my kite foiling progressed in under an hour! I’m blown away.
The 1200 had incredible lift with a very smooth takeoff, felt stable and in control at all speeds. I was able to pump it downwind straight at the kite and experience some really sweet moments of glide. This is a great go to kite and surf foil for all conditions.
The 800 is fast and performance oriented. It didn’t have the quick lift of the 1200 but once on foil the performance was incredible. I progressed with the fastest carving transitions I’ve ever been able to experience.
I didn’t want the session to end on either foil and look forward to future sessions on Armstrong Foils.

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Great high lift wing

on May 27, 2019

Wow, this foil is no joke. After riding the Armstrong CF1200 wing while kite foiling, I am pretty impressed with not only how it rides but the quality as well.

I was kiting on flat water while using a 8m kite with winds around 20mph. This wing was ultra stable and got up on foil with very little power from the kite. I was actually impressed with how much lift this wing produced for its size, I didn't think it would have that much lift. I am looking forward to using this one again in ultra lite wind conditions when no one else is able to get on the water.

The quality of the foil is obvious. There is tons of attention to detail in manufacturing and hardware. A+

Cream of the crop

on May 25, 2019

When looking at the construction and components on these foils, it is clear that a ton of thought went into making a product that will last practically forever, with zero concerns for corrosion or fizzing. That to me is worth the added cost alone: no need to take the foil to the bath post session to keep it in prime shape.

The ride also makes it worth the higher cost.

After selling my previous foil, I paddled out on the 1200 and was blown away with the experience. Super predictable and solid flight patterns are the norm. My riding will get a lot better thanks to these foils, there’s no doubt in my mind!

Crazy Stable

Matt Nuzzo
on May 14, 2019

This foil is the most stable foil on the market. It is hard to understand until you surf one, but this foil is so stable it makes your foil board feel like it was made out of a different construction. There is no wobble or bump even when you ride through white water or turbulence from surface chop. All of that disappears and you just have a stable solid platform to foil surf.

The 1200 is a great all around foil for most people foil surfing. You can kite it if you want low speed lift and you might want to go to the 1600 if you are big or riding a heavier board like a SUP. I thought that the 1200 was going to have less lift than it does. It also has a lot of top speed to it too.

The construction and attention to detail is second to none. The quality and craftsmanship of this product is the best on the market. Stainless screws into titanium inserts and fuselage core means no corrosion ever. You can leave the foil together for as long as you want.