HS1550 V1 Wing only

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High Speed Leichtwind Kite Foilen, oder Medium bis High Wind Wing Foiling

HS1550 Wing

Der High Speed 1550 Flügel ist unser Hochleistungs Foil. Super stabil, reaktionsschnell und mit großartiger Gleitfähigkeit machen ihn zur ersten Wahl für Carving-Turns und high Speed Kiten bei wenig Wind.
Auch super als Medium bis High Wind Wing Foil Waffe, sehr schnell und stabil.
Der HS1550 wurde aus dem ultra erfolgreichen CF1600 entwickelt, hat aber ein viel flacheres Profil und ist deswegen der logische Schritt für progressive Fahrer, die ihr Fahrverhalten auf die nächste Stufe bringen wollen.
Ideal für Leichtwind Kitefoilen, Wing Foiling, Windsurfen oder Wakefoiling.

Schau auf dem Foil Diagramm für mehr Infos.

Abmessungen des Wings

Tragflächenbereich: 1548cm2 

Spannweite der Tragfläche: 800 mm 

Gewicht: 1450g

  • Das Profil wurde von einem der weltweit führenden Sportflügeldesigner sorgfältig entworfen.
  • Kontinuierliche Tests und Verfeinerungen haben uns geholfen, eine Kombination zu kreieren, die ein sehr aerodynamisches und agiles Foil-verhalten liefert. Zu vergleichen mit einem Rennflügel.
  • Die Konstruktion basiert auf einem Kern aus hochdichtem Schaumstoff, der in Aramidgewebe eingekapselt und mit 100% High Modulus Carbon umhüllt wird. 
  • Alle Foil Sets und Einzelteile enthalten eine Schutzhülle.

Reviews High Speed 1550

Armstrong HS1550

  • The new HS1550 wing is crazy good. It is a big wing but it doesn’t feel that much slower than the CF1200. The turning and pump is on point too.
  • Unlike other big wings we have tried, the HS1550 does not buck you off the board at take off. It has a ton of low speed lift and comes on foil in a very controlled manner. This wing is definitely easy enough for a beginner to ride. If you want the easiest wing to ride in this size, you should consider the CF1600 which will have lower speed lift, go slower, and it stays on foil easier than the HS1550.
  • This wing is the perfect performance foil surfing kit for riders 180 lbs or larger.
  • Wake surfers are regarding the HS1550 as the must have wing in the Armstrong line up. They love that you can ride through the prop wash without getting launched off your foil. Also this wing turns fast in the tight pocket of a wake and is big enough to glide a few wakes back in the clean water.

From Armstrong

Armstrong HS232 - 2 in 1 Tail Wing: Our freshly minted High Speed 232 ( 212 chop-shop ) stabiliser is a complete performance upgrade for ALL Armstrong foils. The reduced area and drag make it ideal for higher speed and tighter turning. Developed hand in hand with the Armstrong HS front wings, this HS232 generates more acceleration and whip so you can be in the right place to rip. The HS232 is perfect with the HS wing series, but also compatible with the entire CF foil range and is the perfect upgrade delivering more agility and speed. Ideal for experienced riders of all foil sports. In addition our futuristic layup has been re-engineered so the ultra frothers out there are free to chop-shop the tips into an HS212cm2 - without structural issues.The High Speed 1550 wing is our performance surf wing. Super stable, responsive and with great glide make it the choice for carving turns or shredding waves. Developed form the ultra-successful CF1600 the HS1550 is the logical step for progressive riders wanting to take their riding to the next level, it's the perfect partner for to the CF1200. Ideal for small to medium wave riding, Wing SUP, Windsurfing or wake foiling.


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Winging it

on Oct 08, 2019
I’m a lightweight at 65Kg and I’ve hd three sessions on this wing so far. A quick dock start to test it, once prone foiling in small 1.8’ at 9 sec swell and another session winging it.

First go at the dock start and had my longest/furthest flight yet (comparing to the 1600)

The surf session was great and I was instantly able to ride it well without getting bucked. I was pumping long distances and double dipping with a lot less effort than the 1600. Turned very well, even with the long fuselage.

The wingding session was my third try and my most successful. Able to fly for around half a mile before the wind dropped too much. The 1550 was fast and very controlled. The 2’ chop was no problem and I even avoided over foiling a few times when I thought I was doomed.

Stoked on this wing and glad to have it in the quiver!
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Matt Nuzzo
on Sep 06, 2019
You can look at my Insta and see that I totally love the Armstrong Foils. I have been using the 1200 since the spring and the assembly, quality, ride and performance is better than anything on the market. With the intro of the HS1550 loved my Armstrong even more. I already have the CF1200 complete kit so I could just get the new 1550 front wing and pop it on my existing fuselage and mast. I didn't need to change the tail wing or the shim either. I am 165 lbs and this is a pretty big wing, but I had no adjustment period. It takes off earlier and gets on foil in the same smooth predictable fashion that my 1200 does. Since the 1550 is bigger, it does come on foil with less forward speed than the 1200. Most importantly there is no buck of this wing. You don't get launched off it like other big wings that I have tried. Down the line the 1550 is fast. Not quite as fast as the 1200 but a lot faster than the CF1600. The turning is really crisp and responsive too. When you pump, you project and stay on foil for a while. I had to slow down my pump cadence to adapt to how long you glide for on this wing. Compared to the CF 1600, the HS 1550 is a lot higher performance while the CF1600 is just stupid easy and will correct all your mistakes as a beginner. Riding the HS 1550 behind a small or big boat wake is sick too. It snaps tight turns in the small pocket of a wake and rolls through the prop wash with ease. You get a lot of glide so you can ride the wake way back there too.